Woman Drinking Wine on the Patio at Sangiacomo Winery

Sonoma Wine Tasting Tour

Private Custom Created
Open-Air Jeep Wine Tours

Sonona Wine Tasting

Private Custom Wine Tours

Every wine tour we host is custom 

tailored to your exact wine stye

and preferences! Plus...each tour is

reserved for just you! No need to share our Jeep with anyone else.

Our tours feature an elevated tasting  experience. From selecting the perfect wine estates...to curating your tour itinerary, our concierge team takes care of every tour detail!

In addition, our full-service concierge 

 planning service is included in every tour

package with no additional charge! We will 

take care of every detail of your Sonoma 

wine tour! 

Three Ladies Drinking Champagne at West Wines
Two Ladies Drinking Wine at Cast Wines

Go Off the Beaten Path

Go behind the scenes, away from the crowds and experience the true magnificence of Sonoma wine country with a Vines of Sonoma tour! 

Wine tours are curated to match your wine style with the top boutique wine estates, stunning views and amazing hospitality.

Sorry no tourist trap wineries allowed! We only showcase the finest wine estates within  Sonoma wine country! 

Owner of Vines of Sonoma Wine Tours by Jeep

Open-Air Jeep
Wine Tour

An experience like no other!

Tour in style with our 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL 4 door. Put the soft-top back - let the sun and outdoors in! 

Why be cooped up in a stuffy SUV? Put the top back and let the outside in!

The exhilaration of exploring Sonoma wine country in a Jeep must be experienced!