Cold Cuts


Let's get pairing...

We here at Vines of Sonoma believe good wine and food should be enjoyed together to enhance the pairing! 

We offer three curated pairing boxes:

~ White Wine Box ~ $20 per

~ Light Red Wine Box~ $20 per

Heavy Red Wine Box ~ $20 per

It's all about the ingredients...

We build our boxes from the finest cured meats and aged artisan cheeses. Our boxes combine great taste with visual appeal, they look just as good as they taste! 

What about serving size? 

Each box easily accommodates a pairing for 1-2 people. We do offer a larger box for +$5, which accommodates 2-3 people per.

Charcuterie Board


How many do we have to order? 

Each box type has only a five (5) box minimum order per.

Tell me about delivery? 

Order your boxes by Monday for Thursday AM delivery! Your boxes will be on hand for your busy weekend traffic. 


Orders under 15 boxes will have a $10 delivery charge added. Or, order as needed, with a 2-day lead-time.

Tell me about payment options? 

All accounts are Net 7, so you can sell first, pay later. Cash, check, CC, Venmo or PayPal.