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More About Vines of Sonoma Wine Tours

1. 10+ years of wine hospitality experience from the Finger Lakes wine region.

2. Locally owned/operated by a Certified Sommelier who is passionate about wine.

3. We only host one tour a you always receive the red carpet treatment.

4. Sonoma wine country is all about hospitality, wine and experience. So are we!

5. We tour regions that best represent an authentic Sonoma wine experience.

6. Do something different! Why be cooped up inside a stuffy SUV or Sprinter?

7. Your guide/host is a wine expert! Not someone hired to bring you point to point.

Choosing a wine tour company can be overwhelming...from prices to scheduling, how do you decide?

With Vines of Sonoma wine tours you are not simply hiring a driver, you are hiring a wine expert! As the only Certified Sommelier led wine tour within Sonoma County, 

our tours focus on an elevated wine tasting experience! 

Give us a call today so we can discuss your upcoming Dry Creek Valley wine tour!

We look forward to hosting you! Cheers.

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