Vines of Sonoma Wine Tours 

Sonona Wine Tasting

Go Off the Beaten Path

Elevate your Sonoma Wine Tour

Go behind the scenes, away from the crowds and experience the true magnificence of Sonoma Valley wine...with a Vines of Sonoma wine tour! 

Each of our "hidden gem" Sonoma wineries offers stunning views, top-rated wines, the latest winemaker releases and a unique story to tell! 

Our private Sonoma wine tour packages leaves from downtown Healdsburg and showcase two of our favorite Sonoma Valley wine regions; Russian River and Dry Creek AVA's.. 

Our Sonoma tours showcase the finest boutique wineries which are not your typical visitor stops.

Each of our custom tours features Sonoma wineries that excel at not only winemaking, but hospitality. Avoid the crowds, long tasting lines...go off the beaten path! 

With over 400 wineries in Sonoma wine country, where to begin? Don't spend countless hours researching all the endless wineries within the Sonoma Valley....we already have!

Our sommelier has toured, tasted and rated area Sonoma wineries, with only the top destinations making the cut! 

Each of our wine stops features a special add-on perk just for you! Off-menu wines, added tasting wines or pairings are some of the added perks for you! 

Our custom Sonoma wine tours are made just for you, based upon your wine preferences...elevate your Sonoma experience! 

Sonoma Wine

Sommelier Guided Host

As your tour host, Jeff will share his passion, love for and knowledge of wine with you. He is your personal wine concierge.

Each tour has been personally curated to include Sonoma Valley wineries which truly embody a love for the art of winemaking. Plus, they offer an experience that goes beyond the tasting room and into the senses.

Unlike most tours that have just give you a tour driver, you have a Sonoma wine expert...a sommelier guided host! 

Sonoma Wine Tasting
Open-Air Jeep Tour

Breathe in the fresh air, see all the amazing valley views up close and personal! 

We are the only Sonoma wine tour company that specializes in Jeep tours!

For the ultimate immersive experience...we can take the doors/windows off, for 360° vineyard views! Why be cooped up all day in a stuffy SUV? 

Experience an immersive, up close Sonoma wine tour experience that few get to open-air Jeep wine tour! 

Russian River Valley Wine Tours

Meandering along Westside Road...velvety smooth Pinot Noir...textured lively Chardonnay - welcome to the Russian River Valley. From the coast, to the fog, to the soil, the region produces diverse styles of wines driven from the terroir.

As the local experts, our wine tours feature some of the finest wineries in the Russian River Valley. Incredible Pinot Noir, rare varietals and single vineyard wines await! 

Dry Creek Valley Wine Tours

As a world-class producer of deep rich Zinfandel, the charm and welcoming hospitality of Dry Creek keeps up coming back time and time again.

With expanded plantings of new varietals, you will find a a diverse wine selection at many Dry Creek wineries. Blends are extremely popular amongst wine makers, allowing them creativity

to produce exciting new wines! 

Russian River Valley Wine
Dry Creek Valley Wine

San Francisco Wine Tours

Just a short drive north from San Francisco, come explore Sonoma Valley wine! With our door-to-door tour service,  we will custom design a full-day of Sonoma wine for you.

With our full-service concierge service, you can have a personalized itinerary complete with wine, lunch and Sonoma vineryards to create a memorable wine journey. Let us bring you on a journey from Sonoma to San Francisco.

Custom San Francisco Wine Tour

Vines of Sonoma Wine Tour Tips

 1. Book early. Wineries now require reservations, most are booked 1+ month ahead.

2. Choose a Region. Stay within one Sonoma region per day to fully enjoy your wine tour.

3. Take your Time. Savor the wines, take notes/pictures - visit two to three wineries a day.

4. Take Notes. Take down tasting notes and winery information while at each destination.

5. Buy Wine. Here's your chance to bring home your favorite bottles to enjoy.

Choosing a wine tour company can be overwhelming...from prices to

scheduling, to what region to tour, how do you decide?


Our sommelier expertise, premium destinations (not your popular tourist destinations), plus an open-air Jeep vehicle all combine to elevate your

Sonoma wine tour experience! 

Give us a call today so we can discuss your upcoming wine adventure!

We look forward to hosting you on your next trip to Sonoma! Cheers.

A Sonoma wine tour is truly a unique experience meant to be savored and enjoyed. People come from all over the world to experience the amazing wines produced by our local Sonoma wineries.


Whether this is your first Sonoma wine tasting tour or you’re a regular guest, please remember to savor the hospitality and enjoy the entire wine tasting experience.